Fitness Challenges

Take on weekly challenges. Fitness challenge participants will collectively log more than 25,000 miles on the Anti-Cancer Challenge app in the eight weeks leading up to Challenge Day on August 14, 2021. Stay tuned for more details on our upcoming fitness challenges!

Fitness Challenges

Weekly Fitness Challenge Winners

- Grand prize winners: Daniela S. (runner/walker) and Peter C. (rider)

- Runner/walker weekly winners

  • Week 1: Sonia L.
  • Week 2: Sonia L.
  • Week 3: Sonia L.
  • Week 4: Sonia L.
  • Week 5: Sonia L.
  • Week 6: Sonia L.
  • Week 7: Sonia L.
  • Week 8: Sonia L.

- Rider weekly winners

  • Week 1: Holly I.
  • Week 2: Holly I.
  • Week 3: Holly I.
  • Week 4: Holly I.
  • Week 5: Allison F.
  • Week 6: Holly I.
  • Week 7 : Holly I.
  • Week 8: Holly I.



Wellness Resources

Participate in virtual health and wellness classes. Activities can include pilates and boot camp, spin classes, yoga and meditation:

Wellness Classes

Anteater Recreation Center

Click here to access classes.

Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute Yoga for Wellbeing

Click here to access classes.

Additional free exercise and workout resources

Click here to access classes.