2018 Anti-Cancer Challenge

The Oncoslayers

"Onco" comes from the Greek "onkos" which means burden. And the burden of cancer is something that is well recognized from cancer medicine (oncology) to the research into markers that cause normal cells to become cancer cells (oncogenes). For one individual, a burden can seem too much to bear. But if that same burden is spread between many individuals united, the load is lightened. The goal of the Oncoslayers is to lighten the burden of cancer, and we would like your help. 

This year the Oncoslayers are continuing our efforts as part of the Anti-Cancer Challenge to raise funds for cancer research at UCI. The scientists at the Cancer Research Institute at UCI play an important role in this process. We work to better understand how cancer starts and grows, because cancer isn't a simple disease. Not only do cancer cells look like our regular cells and hide from the bodies normal defenses, but every type of cancer is unique. With the complexity of cancer it is important to keep research going on all the different types of cancers from skin and breast cancers to colon cancer, leukemia, and others. To give back to the Cancer Research Institute, students, faculty and staff who research cancer on a daily basis have started the Oncoslayers for the Anti-Cancer Challenge.

It takes all of us working together to slay the burden of cancer.  Please make a donation, join our team, and tell everyone you know as we walk, run, and cycle towards a cancer free future.


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