2019 Anti-Cancer Challenge

Norberg's Carcinoma Crushers

Jack Norberg was the chairman and president of Standard Investment Chartered, Inc., Mr. Norberg was a nationally recognized authority on closely held, thinly traded securities.

In addition to his business career, Mr. Norberg also was involved in many community service projects and was a passionate supporter of UC Irvine.  In his service for UC Irvine, Mr. Norberg was on the Chief Executive Roundtable from 1999-2005; a Foundation Trustee from 2001-2010; and the Co-President, with his wife Mary, of the Chancellor’s Club Leadership Council from 2010-2013 and was a lifetime member of the Chancellor’s Club.

UCI Vice Chancellor Brian Hervey said Mr. Norberg  “served as an active member of the Foundation Board for nine years. He was a passionate advocate and champion of Athletics, Health, and the Chancellor’s Club, in addition to many other areas of the University.  His vibrant spirit and passion for students will continue to shine through the many UCI programs he supported. He will be deeply missed.”

Mr. Norberg also served as the Discovery Science Center Board of Director’s development chair; on the Hoag Hospital Special Events Board of Directors; and was an active supporter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

He was diagnosed with cancer in February of 2015 and fought his battle for 18 long months. In researching Cancer Centers we found UCI Chao Family Compressive Cancer Center the best choice for his care. Jack quickly felt comfortable and loved his doctor, Ed Nelson and the friendly nurses in the center.  It became our home away from home.  We both celebrated two of our birthdays during Jacks time there and many holidays just hanging out with his new second family.  He would not have had it any other way.

My involvement in the Anti-Cancer Challenge is two-fold. One is to remember that whatever the diagnosis of cancer must be, the care and love one receives is just as important.  Cancer does not always have to be a death sentence however we remember those who have past away with this terrible disease. The second reason I am involved to draw awareness to cancer and together finding a way to stop this disease.  By raising awareness, we can raise money to help find a cure.

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