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My UCI Anti-Cancer Challenge Fundraising Page

Mitchell W Spann

Mitchell W Spann

Hey Friends and Fam! I am participating in the UCI Anti-Cancer Challenge to raise funds and awareness for critical cancer research...we gotta get the big C out of peoples lives! My goal is to bike 60 miles to celebrate my recent big round number birthday.

Riding to honor some amazing people fighting strong and hard-K. Brown, Kristin D, Kristin S, Steve W, Michelin H. and so many others...

Also in memory of Grandma Carol Spann (36 year cancer survivor who passed at 101 years old, but not of cancer!), Father-in-Law Phil Little, Carl Nessel, Marge Kochie, Jean Stockton...and so many others...

If you feel like it, it would be awesome if you want to donate a bit to help the effort! And, send up some good thoughts for me on October 7 to get this done!!!


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