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My UCI Anti-Cancer Challenge Fundraising Page

Amy Branson

Amy Branson

I am participating in the UCI Anti-Cancer Challenge to raise funds and awareness for critical cancer research!

I was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 Rectal cancer, and am currently undergoing radiation/chemo. Cancer has quite literally been a pain in the butt! I’m so fortunate that medicine is so much more advanced now and my doctors are hopeful I’ll have a positive outcome, and I’ve had family and friends successfully fight as well. Unfortunately I have lost friends to cancer also, and it is devastating. I want to help raise money so that treatments and cures can continue to be discovered!

You can help me support this important cause by donating today. Every dollar raised goes directly to pilot projects and early phase clinical trials that aim to develop new insights into cancer prevention, treatment and cures — to save lives.

Together, let's make a real impact in the fight against cancer.


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