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Joshua Gladieux

Joshua Gladieux

On the morning of the Anti-Cancer Challenge 2022 my mom passed away from the ongoing complications of craniopharyngioma, an uncommon type of brain tumor typically occurring in the area of the pituitary gland. Although considered "benign" in the sense that they do not normally metastasize, the proximity of these tumors to the brain stem means they can still have permanent and severe effects. Mom underwent surgery which successfully removed the tumor, but struggled with many of these lasting effects for several years.

As in 2022, I've joined the UCI Anti-Cancer Challenge 2023 to help bring attention to craniopharyngioma, and other cancers, and to help support the science that will help us to eliminate this plague once and for all.

Mom gave me an anteater Beanie Baby as a gift when I first arrived at UCI as a student in 2005; Peter and I are preparing for the in-person mountain bike ride this year.

I don't want to see cancer defeated. I want to see it annihilated.

Join me.


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