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Matching Gifts

UCI Anti-Cancer Challenge

October 05, 2024

Make a greater impact - double your donations today!


Most companies match their employees dollar for dollar. Encourage your donors to follow these easy steps to set up a matching gift: 
   • Find out if your employer already has a matching gift policy here. 
   • If your company is eligible, request a matching gift form from your employer. The donor (the employee) will complete the form.
   • If your employer does not have a matching gift policy, contact your HR department to find out if the company matches charitable donations.


Matching gifts may be paid on an annual, semi-annual or monthly basis. A matching gift will be counted towards your fundraising commitment when a copy of the completed matching gift form is received by the UCI Anti-Cancer Challenge office. 

Understand what the company needs from you to issue the matching gift donation check. Generally, your donor (the employee) will fill out an application to submit to the company.

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