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UCI Anti-Cancer Challenge

October 05, 2024

 Whether you're walking, running or riding, click on the icons below to explore the Challenge Day route maps.
Together, let's pave the way towards a cancer-free future! 
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Routes are subject to change. Stay Updated! Check our website regularly for the most current route information.

We're excited to offer bike route maps on two platforms this year for your convenience. While these tools are useful, they're not perfect. Differences in route measurements and occasional navigation quirks are due to the unique algorithms each platform uses. Expect minor discrepancies and navigation anomalies between platforms. We highly recommend riders use RideWithGPS for the most accurate guidance. Turn by turn route sheets will also be provided at packet pickup.

14-Mile Ride
Beginner/Intermediate Rider (Estimated 617 ft. Total Elevation; Max Grade 7.5%)

35-Mile Ride
Intermediate/Experienced Rider (Estimated 2,434 ft. Total Elevation; Max Grade 13.5%)


60-Mile Ride
Experienced/Advanced Rider (Estimated 4,700 ft. Total Elevation; Max Grade 13.1%)


100-Mile Ride
Advanced Rider (Estimated 6,846 ft. Total Elevation; Max Grade 11.5%)


Mountain Bike Ride
Experienced/Advanced Rider (Estimated 2,838 ft. Total Elevation; Max Grade 16%)



5K Run/Walk


10K Run/Walk


Ready to Make an Impact?
If you haven't signed up yet, there's still time! Be part of our community's powerful stand against cancer. Join us at the 2024 UCI Anti-Cancer Challenge on Saturday, Oct. 5 at UC Irvine Aldrich Park.