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My UCI Anti-Cancer Challenge Fundraising Page

Lynn Capouya

Lynn Capouya

In today’s world, we are all touched by cancer. I am a cancer survivor and my husband, Skip Kuhn, passed away on April 15, 2018 from colorectal cancer. It's true cancer affects just about everyone - we all have someone in our lives that has survived or has a friend or relative that is surviving, struggling or lost to cancer. I have attended many functions to learn about the work and accomplishments developed at UCI and the effects of the programs on our local community. We are truly fortunate to have such a fine resource such as UCI available to us in our own backyard. These particular funds, from the UCI Anti-Cancer Challenge, go to the incubator research, as those studies are not yet eligible for other grants. These are the base ideas that ignite the next generation of cures. These researchers have a wide variety of approaches to killing cancer cells if they can get their theories expressed. It is truly exciting to see their applications and hear their passion. Many of them chose their research to help family or friends and have personal stories to share also.

On all of these notes, I invite each of you to join the LCI team and participate, volunteer or donate to the virtual UCI Anti-Cancer Challenge supporting cancer research taking place on October 7, 2023.


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